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Photo Credit: Beaudry Interactive

Photo Credit: Beaudry Interactive, 2019


2019  |  SeaWorld Orlando, FL

Beaudry Interactive

Role: Media Production Coordinator, Senior Project Coordinator

As Media Production Coordinator, I was responsible for managing the media life cycle of all video and audio media for eleven discrete interactive experiences. In addition to collaborating with the Sesame Workshop team on story treatments and script development, I also oversaw on-set filming and voice over recording sessions with Sesame Street talent, edited all video media, and supervised post-production, VFX, and sound editing for over 90 minutes of video content. 

Following the project's opening March 2019, I have managed Beaudry Interactive's marketing and awards campaigns for the Interactives at Sesame Street Land.

Interactive Play at Sesame Street Land is a winner of the 2020 Interaction Design Award and has been a finalist for multiple awards, including the inaugural Producers Guild of America Innovation Award and the 2019 IAAPA Brassring.

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